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This service allows us to try and get the shoe back to the best condition possible and cover any scratches or damages made to the paint work. (Please bare in mind the difference between damage to paint work compared to damage to the actual shoe as we are not liable for any creasing/harsh damage - we can not amend any textures only top up paint work damages).


You can purchase our service at any time. Prices start from £30+ depending on what you require and the extent of care the shoe will need. We would recommend emailing us first and having the shoe inspected online and in person for the full quote price, this is where you can book the appointment, with a time frame of when you’ll receive the shoes back and the invoice of payment. 

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Aftercare & How to wear 

After Care and How To Wear


Aftercare is incredibly important to all footwear, as these are hand painted so are very different to every day shoes. 

We reinforce the fact these shoes are made for ‘exclusive’ use only as the over-use of this product can lead to damages to the paintwork. 


Most of our work is created on soft leather material which can be prone to creasing if worn incorrectly, most common area being the toe box. We recommend this aftercare advice to keep the quality of paint work and the longevity of the shoe. 




  • Hand wash - with delicate care and no harsh chemicals

  • Fill the shoe out when not being worn, to keep the structure (e.g socks, cardboard fixture, tissue.)



  • Put in the washing machine 

  • Crease/Scratch/Pick the surface (this will cause textures and an un-smooth area for the paint to sit on, which results in less support for the quality to remain as it was received as.)


Key Factors Of Creasing:


  • Incorrect shoe size (leads to extra space inside the shoe and limits the foots ability to hold the shoes shape.)

  • Bending the toe box (Driving/walking on the front/ tip toe etc)

  • Over Use (wearing a shoe everyday will always lead to it never looking brand new and when you are not wearing them we recommend you keep something inside the shoe in order to keep the best structure and shape.)

  • Crease Protectors - This is something that has been brought into the company due to how popular they have been for the original Air Forces to prevent any creasing. 

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